Why I didn’t see?


The right person, the wrong time,

The wrong person, the right time,

Or maybe, it was a mix of both

Not sure, what left me heartbroken

But when I look back at the pieces

Oh boy, why I didn’t see it was all wrong?


If I could travel back in time


If I could travel back in time

And meet a younger me

I wonder what I would advise her

May be not to lose some wise friends

May be to prevent some heartaches

Or I would let her choose herself

Live her life and make her mistakes

May be she would choose more wisely!

My Promise


I can’t promise you sun, moon and stars
But I promise to be there beside you
When the sun rises and descends
When moon and stars come out to revel
When darkness spreads and you can’t see
When your smile turns to sighs
May be that’s all I can promise
Because I have got only me to share with you
To hold your hand and fight your demons
To be the wind to blow the clouds away
To be the candle to show your way
To be with you till time ends…