Its New Year!



My wish for you!


I wish you hope, joy and peace
Days of warmth, love and friends
Loving, sharing and giving
Lots of laughter, happiness and cheer
Not a single tear to mar your world
Nor put away like bells, lights and tinsel
Once Christmas becomes another memory
I wish all this and so much more
Today, tomorrow and forever for you!

May be

sad girl morn

Its raining again
May be as a welcome note
With the promise of a new day
After a night of tossing and turning
With a tear soaked pillow
Giving a complete account

My smile is brief
May not last any long
Without you to bring it up
The pain of moving away
And the memory of our times together
Bringing fresh tears in my eyes

Now is the time of regrets
Now I have to live with it
May be I should learn to live
Without more tears and regrets
But still I wish
I had told you from the beginning