Language of Tears


Tears flow without a stop
Pin pricks of pain breaks the bubble
Sometimes I wish for a smile
Even a fake one for that matter
Heart throbs with countless hurts
Despair, hopelessness fills the soul
I wish for your understanding
A word that means you care
Let me forget these tears, this pain
Let me forget this hurt, this despair
Hold me tight and hold me near
Let me take this last breath of love?

It hurts so much…


Sometimes you can’t control the pain
It hurts so much that you don’t care anymore
Going on living seems like a favor to the world
You wish you can curl up go unfeeling
The tears that fall have no meaning
The heart that is breaking is beyond knowing
You wish you can fly to another land
Where pain and tears can’t touch you anymore

My Promise


I can’t promise you sun, moon and stars
But I promise to be there beside you
When the sun rises and descends
When moon and stars come out to revel
When darkness spreads and you can’t see
When your smile turns to sighs
May be that’s all I can promise
Because I have got only me to share with you
To hold your hand and fight your demons
To be the wind to blow the clouds away
To be the candle to show your way
To be with you till time ends…