Bring back those moments


I miss all those little things about us;

The things that made us strong,

Those made us do a promise of forever

Those which dreams were made of

Can we remember, that love was ours,

Coated with rainbow colors and sunshine

Can we bring back that dream again,

And let go of the pain and heartache?

I miss all those little things we used to do

I miss those little things we shared

I miss those people whom we were

And also the people we could be

Let’s take a moment to rewind and remember,

Walk down that memory lane once again

And bring back that joy we felt together

To this moment, forever and ever


If I could travel back in time


If I could travel back in time

And meet a younger me

I wonder what I would advise her

May be not to lose some wise friends

May be to prevent some heartaches

Or I would let her choose herself

Live her life and make her mistakes

May be she would choose more wisely!