He and she


He asked: “Why do you love me,
Even when I hurt you?
Even when I have nothing to offer?
Even when world is against us?”

She smiled and walked away
Hiding those tears which threatened
To fall and form another stream
But, never answered that question

In her silent tears,
In her heart, was the answer
Which was evident like daylight,
Which he failed to see or understand.
She whispered to herself:
“Will he ever understand
Why gardener loves his roses
Though they have thorns which pricks?
Will someone tell him
Why a mother loves
Even her most deformed child?
Is it beyond his understanding
That love is beyond all reasons?”


Silence, tears and rain


Sometimes silence is so loud and strange
And can be heard across a thousand miles
May be rain can hide those tears for a while
Which keep flowing without any restraints

But won’t this rain stop one day
And expose those silent tears?
Won’t this rain stop its cold grip
And my tears stop its masquerade?

Sometimes, I wish for at least a voice
Which can kill this cold and bitter silence
And their monotonous tone of accusations
And their never-ending complaints

And I hope that the rain stops for now
And you have a little time to spare
And listen carefully to my tears
When my tears start to speak slowly
In their special and secret language
And you can understand them

A dream


A thoughtful look, a knowing smile,
Suddenly, the earth stops moving.
A touch, a brush of the hand,
The sensation causes my heart to soar.
A whisper, the soft sound of your voice
Everything inside me melts.

A wish, a dream, a hope with wings
That silently says – our hearts are one,
Our souls are one and will always be
A dream we are one… Forever.

Truth in your eyes


Your eyes told me the truth
So, don’t try to hide the veracity
They never lied to me
Nor I think they can ever do
I saw the surging grief in them
Like I saw the love once upon a time
They told me about the future
Or should I say futureless-ness
They told me that I’m a stranger
More alien than someone from Mars
They told me that you are moving on
And have banished me to oblivion
I know the meaninglessness of tears
Which are threatening to fall
I know I have to let you go
I know I have to forget
And hope that you will come back
To be with me forever one day …

Do not promise

I don’t want any promise from you
Nor promise me anything forever
Don’t say that you will never make me cry
Just hold me when I cry
And promise that you will try

May be its too late now
Since we are far apart
And have chosen our own ways
But forgive my heart
Cos it still thinks of you
And dreams of our time together