Secret Keeper


Dark, Mysterious eyes,
Holding a hundred untold secrets
In their hidden depths
Gazed, deep into mine
Searching for my little secrets
And caught me imprisoned there.
I felt myself drowning
Deep into its unknown depths
Not a single resort to hold on.
Something stirred deep inside
The world changed in an instant
My secrets were no longer mine
But I got myself a secret keeper
I felt myself relaxing
And started enjoying the ride.


This poem is also available in PoemHunter & Deepaspoems


Loneliness I feel…

Loneliness, which I feel
Has a different meaning every instance

Waiting for you to walk through the door
Searching for your smile in a crowd
Listening for your footsteps joining mine
Picking up your laugh when not around

Or does it just mean one thing
That I keep missing you
And I am lost without you around?
And I keep wishing for you
To be near me always!



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Can words express more?

When silence can talk
And communicate in volumes
Can words express more?

Smile across a crowded room
An accidental brush of hands
Can words express more?

Eyes held by eyes
Frozen moments in thought
Can words express more?

Sudden flutter of heart
Butterflies in stomach
Can words express more?

Waiting for those footsteps
Stolen glances towards the door

Dreamy eyes n’ sleepless nights
Musical rhythm in spirit
Can words express more?Image