Let your dreams soar


Fear is what stops you
Crushes your will to go on
Makes you cry alone in the night
Wither your beautiful dreams
Face your fears and break free
Find that wings which takes so far
Find the light that shines so bright
Let your dreams soar so high


Sometimes I wish…


Sometimes I wish simple things
Like tearing away these masks
Which I wear so freely these days
To hide those tears and distress
Who are my constant companions,
Following me like my own shadow!

Can I just be myself for once?
Without needing to hide behind
The fixed smile which comes
And always available on standby?

Can I cry my heart out for once
Without feeling guilty about it,
Till all my tears are drained out
Along with all the heartaches?

Can I be that girl for once
Who beams her sunshine smile
To the world around
Just because she is glad today