Forgive me

Part 1 – Request


Not that I know the meaninglessness
Of asking for forgiveness
For the words uttered thoughtlessly
A practical joke gone off track,
Or even a slip of tongue is all it was
Suddenly I am all alone
Tears and fears that I will loose
Something I treasured with all my might
Again, Can anyone stop this mad rush
Of this play called life
Ever changing and sweeping you along
Like a roller coaster ride which lost control
Wildly spinning to some strange orders
Can we stop before the walls closes in
And room begins to spin throwing me off balance
If I fall on my knees and beg to stop
If I plead knowing that I was wrong
If I say that it will never happen
And will do anything in my power
To keep things peaceful as ever
Because I can’t let this happen
Because I love you more than my pride
And my need to win as always
And know that I can never fight with you
For the sake of some cause called ego
And loose that magic I found in you.


Your Love


Let a thousand miles come between us
I can still feel your love
Warmth of your breath
Safeness of your arms

Scaling the highest reaches
From deepest depths
Engulfing and melting me in it
Like never before

Rivers will bring me
The tranquil in your eyes
Stars will shower on me
The sparkle of your smile

Rain will drench me
With the tears we cried
Wind will carry
Your scent back to me

And I.
Will be waiting for you always
To receive and return
A thousand fold of what you gave