Forgive Me… Reply

Part 2 of my earlier post – Forgive me – Request…

Sad girl


My heart is broken beyond all fix
You can attempt to make it alright
But give me time to pick the pieces
May be time will heal the wounds!

Don’t ask me to pretend that
Things are fine, ‘cos it is not
It was you, who believed those lies
So if you cry your eyes out
I simply cant be the one to hold
And dry your tears, at least now.

Don’t ask me to forget everything
I just can’t, not just yet
I know that you are hurt as well
But, don’t ask me to forgive you
Cos, you hurt me deep inside.
I poured out my soul, dry to you
My eyes – they bleed, and they cry for you
But now, only for a forgotten cause.

Don’t ask me to trust you now
I wont’ be able to, evenif I try
What made me live in this pain
Was that single flame of love
I hid in my heart for you
A hope that you will know one day!

Don’t ask me to hurry
This is going to take years
The pain you inflicted
May take a lifetime to heal
So don’t even take a stand to be bold and face the wrath
Nor make more excuses
You know you were wrong.

Don’t tell me you’ve changed
I have to see it with my own eyes
But, don’t ask me to hate you
My spirit won’t allow me
I can offer you forgiveness
Because I have to.




Solitude makes you think
A million thoughts
Some dreamy, some pleasant
Some sad and distressing
Sometimes you ask questions
Sometimes you seek answers,
And this makes me think
That you are never really alone

You and me!


Like the feel of bare foot
On the wet grass,
Like the scent of mud
After that summer rain,

Like a hot cup of coffee
With sky crying its hundred tears,
Like an unknown flavour
Bringing in a new feel,

Like the aroma of wild jasmine
Which a breezy night bestows,
You bring in a new sensation
Engulfing me unaware

With your hands holding mine
With your eyes holding mine
Let the time stop at this moment
With just you and me!