Silent tears


He thought her tears dried up
And it stopped falling for him
What he did not see was the silent tears
She still shed on inside so he won’t see
All the hurt and pain she hid
What he did not realize, is she cried
For her lost love and friend
And all the times they shared together



Like blank paper


We were created like blank paper
More white like milk, pure like rain
Then, people walk into our lives
Take that pen by the side
And each of them make their mark
Some write, some just glance around,
Some erase what they wrote,
Leaving us never the same
Some of the marks run deep,
Some just touch the surface
Some start new stories,
And some complete the stories
And we change therefore
And change continues every day!

I wish to fly…


I often wish
If my dreams had wings
If my hopes could fly
And nobody sets those limits

I feel like flying
In those endless, distant skies
Where I can touch the clouds
Where nobody is near
Who can touch my heart
Who can hurt my feelings
Who can find just fault
Where I have no questions to answer
From where the world is colourful
Yet very faraway

But where words have
Just one meaning
Where people need not lie….
I want to fly in that sky…
Where I need not act
Where I am just myself
My joy… my laugh…
My pain…my tears…
Everything is just mine…

Park Bench


Sitting on your regular park bench
Watching the people around
Deep in your own thoughts
Smiling occasionally
With sun rays playing with your silver hair
What a pretty picture you make!

Did I see your eyes shining?
Watching the little girl with her father
Leading him with her little hands
Dancing the way around
Talking in a serious tone
May be about the life’s mysteries

Did I see a naughty grin?
Watching that bunch of girls
Heads together in secret
Hands on shoulders
Talking in those hushed tones
May be about a big conspiracy

Did I see a knowing smile?
Watching that young couple
Holding each other hands
Moving in unison
In their own dream world
Oblivious to the world around

Did I see a tender smile?
Watching that mother and son
Son asking his umpteen doubts
And mom trying to answer
And match his speed
With pride in her little wonder

Did I see a sad smile?
Watching that mom and daughter
Obviously in argument
Talking in the angry tones
Trying to make each other understand
Yet not ready to compromise

Did I see a nervous smile?
Watching that lonely woman
Lost in her own thoughts
May be talking to herself
Walking with long strides
Not a companion with her

Did I see a warm smile?
Watching that kid with his grandpa
So comfortable with each other
Showing off his latest bruise
And watching in awe
The bigger bruises his grandpa has

Did I see that contented smile?
Watching the grandpa walk towards you
With his usual slow smile
Slowly taking your hands in his
Helping you to your feet
As if his world is only you

Still sitting on that park bench
Watching you walk away
Thinking about myself
Wondering about life
Will I be as contended as you
In the years to come?