If I could travel back in time


If I could travel back in time

And meet a younger me

I wonder what I would advise her

May be not to lose some wise friends

May be to prevent some heartaches

Or I would let her choose herself

Live her life and make her mistakes

May be she would choose more wisely!


Bridge forever breaks again


Life is hard and it often hurts
We say, we do, a million things
Some we mean, some we don’t
Some find targets, we wish it won’t
And before we grasp the aftermath
Pain emerges from every wound
Then, each wound starts its symphony
It hurts more with every passing hour
And the bridge forever breaks again


Another Night


Another day paving the way, for night to reign
Fading away slowly, never to return again
Stars shining in the sky; moon playing hide and seek
With little fluffy clouds, night started its realm

I waited for my lone star shining down on me
From that distant world winking its way to glory
I closed my eyes to hold back my tears
Which waits for a reason to start its flow so freely
Another night alone in this lonesome world
Though you shine down from worlds apart


Thank you for being there…


Thank you for being there
Help me see sense in worst possible moments
Making me smile when all I wanted was cry
Laughing together till our stomach hurts
Being there, hearing me talk and just listen
Without offering meaningless advice
A hand to hold, a face to see
When future looked hopeless
And all life brought was storms and rain
Above all, thank you for being you
Never changing who you truly are
Understanding me without terms and conditions
And never trying to change who I really am
How do I ever tell you what you mean to me
So, let me just thank you for now
For being there when I needed you the most