Thank you for being there…


Thank you for being there
Help me see sense in worst possible moments
Making me smile when all I wanted was cry
Laughing together till our stomach hurts
Being there, hearing me talk and just listen
Without offering meaningless advice
A hand to hold, a face to see
When future looked hopeless
And all life brought was storms and rain
Above all, thank you for being you
Never changing who you truly are
Understanding me without terms and conditions
And never trying to change who I really am
How do I ever tell you what you mean to me
So, let me just thank you for now
For being there when I needed you the most


Silent tears


He thought her tears dried up
And it stopped falling for him
What he did not see was the silent tears
She still shed on inside so he won’t see
All the hurt and pain she hid
What he did not realize, is she cried
For her lost love and friend
And all the times they shared together




Sometimes words loose meaning
Like on this grim and depressing night
Today even my own image
Expunge me with renewed dread
From my aweary eyes, falls
Yet another uninvited tear
And my friends advice me
“You have to forget everything,
And start a new life”
You tell me – How could I,
Forget everything
Like you forget your dreams
And live as if nothing matters
Or nothing really happened!Tonight, words of courage
Have been buried alive
And my life looks like a war
A struggle, which I keep loosing
Full of dead soldiers, my dreams
Losing life for a loony goal!
All I can think is my own pain
Hurt and sorrow in myself
Tonight, let me choose myself
My own pace to take me there…

But where are you, my friend?
To scare this destructive pain away
To fight those fiery ghosts
In the battle field along my side
When my tears are falling
Like rain, in torrents!