I miss us


Remembering how time stood still
Moments passed without us knowing
When in each other’s arms is the only place
We wanted to be…forever

I miss the old you and the old me –
Our dreams, hopes and desires
The us who could just sit and talk
And never run out of topics to discuss
Or sit in silence for hours and hours
Just content the way we were

I miss us so deeply that it hurts inside
Remembering how it used to be…
When nothing in the world mattered
But just us – just you and me
Can we bring back the you and me
To this moment forever and ever?


Past, present and future!

girl in a garden

Sitting in my garden chair
Surrounded with little flowers
Breeze tenderly touching me
And lending a new feel

Brooding over the past
Thinking about wins and failures
About the people who walked out
About the things not done

Getting away with present
No time to stop and think
Just doing, doing and doing
Just what is necessary today!

Hoping for the future
Dreaming of new horizons
About my special someone
And how life changes

Do not promise

I don’t want any promise from you
Nor promise me anything forever
Don’t say that you will never make me cry
Just hold me when I cry
And promise that you will try

May be its too late now
Since we are far apart
And have chosen our own ways
But forgive my heart
Cos it still thinks of you
And dreams of our time together