Journey of Life


Life is a long, long journey
Let’s take it one day at a time
Holding it dear and relish.
Let’s journey together
And hold each others hands
As we sing and step together.

Let there be road blocks
Let there be bad weather
Let there be gains or losses
Let there be smiles or tears
Let’s move together
Today and the days to come.

Let’s not undermine our worth
Nor compare us; with others
Let’s know that we are different
And that we are special
Let’s not set our goals
By yardsticks of this world
Cos we know what’s best for us
And let’s prove it again.

Let’s not take things for granted
And all those close to our hearts
Cling to them as would your life
Cos life lose meaning minus them
Let’s see each others worth
And what we are without the other.

Let’s not slip life through our fingers
By living in past or for future
Let’s live life one day at a time
And live all days of our life.

Let’s not give up anything
When we have fighting strength in us
Nothing can really be over
Until we stop trying
Let’s forsake our fears
Knowing we are together
Let’s take those chances
And learn to be braver.

Let’s not shut love, out of our life
Thinking of pains to find it
Know that love can be found by giving
Than waiting to receive.
Let’s not hold it too tight
With the fear of losing it.
Let’s give it wings
And let it soar to skies
And bring more than it had
And let it engulf us once again.

Let’s not dismiss our dreams
For they are to be kept close
Without dreams there is no hope
And without hope there is no purpose.

Let’s not run through our life
Like it is another mad rush
Let’s not forget where we went
Let’s also know where we are going
Let’s treasure each moment
And let’s journey together.


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