Today, Tomorrow and Forever


It’s so long since you left me
And went in search of what called your heart
I still think of our days together
I still dream of tomorrow
Even while knowing the truth
That my today do not exist for you

I still believe and dream
Everything tomorrow would bring
May be I will gain it all back
Along with a heart I love
Hoping that you will come back
To take me away from these lonely nights

It’s not easy on me
Each day brings tougher challenges
Going through each word you sent me
From those mangled letters
May be you don’t remember those words
Because it’s all past for you now
And must have melted away long back
And present have supplanted the past

But for me they are past, present and future
And they drag me to our days
Yet they say “move on”
Along with those hidden pictures
I have hidden my feelings too
So that no one sees them
But if only you know
That you still remain in me
And there is a space for you
Today, tomorrow and forever


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