Night traveller

I am a night traveler
Travel all through the night
And my bed is a sailing boat
I reach for my bed every night
And take a trip places far away
To see new things and people
I travel past the harbors
Full of anchored boats
I travel past the beaches
With swaying coconut treesI watch the waves
Embracing the shore
I watch the kids playing
And reach out my arms

Then I touch my own bed
Here comes a flash
And my boat is back
And I am back in bed

My boat sails every night
And reach home with morning light
Never did it anchor once
Still traveling every day
Hoping to reach
That unknown destination


3 thoughts on “Night traveller

  1. Beautiful and inspiring…

    Stillness of time makes me to dream,
    sound made by the waves paints the picture so real
    the scent of sea weeds ignite my soul
    keeping me awake with my eyes closed.
    Oh yes…I am a night traveler.
    When the sun rise I wave goodbye to the ghost
    Allowing the morning light to push me away from my comfort zone.

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