Forgive me

Part 1 – Request


Not that I know the meaninglessness
Of asking for forgiveness
For the words uttered thoughtlessly
A practical joke gone off track,
Or even a slip of tongue is all it was
Suddenly I am all alone
Tears and fears that I will loose
Something I treasured with all my might
Again, Can anyone stop this mad rush
Of this play called life
Ever changing and sweeping you along
Like a roller coaster ride which lost control
Wildly spinning to some strange orders
Can we stop before the walls closes in
And room begins to spin throwing me off balance
If I fall on my knees and beg to stop
If I plead knowing that I was wrong
If I say that it will never happen
And will do anything in my power
To keep things peaceful as ever
Because I can’t let this happen
Because I love you more than my pride
And my need to win as always
And know that I can never fight with you
For the sake of some cause called ego
And loose that magic I found in you.


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