Thoughts on a rainy day


I sit here alone on this windowsill,
Watching the raindrops fall
And doing its tap dance
Like endless tears of sky above.
Heaven has let go of everything.
I know you’re all asking
“Why can’t you do the same –
Just let go and start new? ”

You will be happy
To see me smiling like before
Forgetting everything
That is killing me
Or should I just run away
But will you ever know
Or rather would want to know
My pain and my silent tears?
I am not some gallant hero;
I cannot fly, nor reach so high
I am on the plain ground,
and everyone’s in the sky.

May be you should go away,
Leaving me on the floor
Perhaps I’ll stop crying
If you just shut that last door.
You won’t know I’m lonely
And reaching for you,
When you walk away
Without another glance…


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